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Medicine Man Studios. Family, Friends and Music.

I met Chris Zurzolo, of Medicine Man Studios, 6 years ago. This was long before I had any intention of recording my music. I had just began discovering the music scene in Philadelphia. I was chasing down open mics, writing and singing songs in my kitchen, and playing for family, friends and anyone who would listen.

One night in July 2016, on Ocracoke Island in North Carolina, I picked up a guitar and sang a few songs for Chris and a handful of other people in a house near the shore. At the end of the night, Chris said "Hey man, let's make music together." We got back to Philadelphia, sat in the studio, and began working on what I thought would be a three song acoustic EP. But, Chris believed in me and believed in the music. We got all of our favorite people together and got to work on a full length studio album.

Thanks to Chris, "Paved Roads", my first studio album is finally a reality. Chris is incredible at what he does. He works hard. He's mega talented. He's honest. I trust him completely. I can't thank him and Medicine Man Studios enough for becoming my second home and for helping to bring my songs to life.

Philadelphia PA United States

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